Tai Chi Movements - Wudang Taiji 13

This is a very interesting form indeed. Supposedly created by the somewhat mythological figure, Zhang Sanfeng (Chang San Feng), the Wudang Taiji 13 Posture Form is the form practiced at the Wudang mountain (and several other Taoist monasteries). The first two videos are of master Yuan Xiu Gang, who you can schedule a trip to study with at his website:

Wu Dang Gong Fu. He has many foreign students, and seems very friendly.

The third video is master Zhong Yun Long.

The final video is master Chen Shixing.

You can actually study this Wudang taiji in Los Angeles if you are so inclined. If anyone does, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

2 comments to Tai Chi Movements – Wudang Taiji 13

  • This is an interesting form. Very fluidly preformed, it looks like excellent Tai Chi Ch'uan. I've long been curious about the "original" form. Any idea on the history of this particular rendition. How close is it to the source?


  • This form is about as close to the source as chalk is to cheese.

    It is a very nice form – I like doing it myself – But if you think that, probably the world's greatest ever martial artist who was originally one of Shaolin's top maters and then went on to create his own system (that is, a full & complete system) that was specifically designed to be even better than Shaolin, was the inventor of this simple short little form, then you simply know nothing of martial arts.

    This form is just yet another (recent) Wudang invention to teach to the hoards of westerners who now flock in their droves to learn what they think is the real & original stuff.

    Think about it for even just a moment – Zhang Sang-feng invented the original internal system that all other internal systems came from. So watch it again & ask yourself – is this simple little form the blueprint as it were for a truly great & immense system such as Baguazhang or Hsing-I Quan?

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