Developing Fa Jin (Fajing or Fa Chin) - Part One

I know there is a lot of interest out there on the tai chi fajin training and developing fa jin (also seen spelled as fa chin or fajing [which is wrong... keep reading]). What exactly is a fajin? Simply, “fa jin” means to issue force/ power. Many confuse this concept with what a “fa jing,” an incorrect translation, would mean, which is a transfer or release of “jing.” As many practitioners of Chinese arts are aware, “jing” means literally our ‘essence’ or ‘life-force.’ It seems that because of this common mis-translation, many have imagined the fajin to be some mystical issuance of intangible energy. This is far from the case!

In actuality, a fajin is just a very well co-ordinated release of good old fashioned Newtonian power. Granted, the way a taiji player uses the body to issue this force may make it seem mystical or mysterious when you watch, it is in …

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Tai Chi Self Defense Applications by Jesse Tsao

Here is an excellent collection of tai chi self defense applications (taiji yongfa) by taiji teacher Jesse Tsao (you can learn more about him & buy full copies of these movies at his site: Tai Chi Healthways). I especially like this series of videos to help explain tai chi’s applied combat uses. While the videos are not necessarily showcasing tai chi against the most vicious of oncoming attacks, it doesn’t offer insight to those who are used to imaging tai chi chuan as a slow moving health dance.

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