Taiji Qinna (Tai Chi Chin Na) - Part I

I’ve always been a big fan of qinna, even before I had encountered taiji. In fact, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming’s in depth book on the subject was one of my earliest exposures to the art (Taiji Chin Na: The Seizing Art of Taijiquan – go buy it if you don’t have it!). That’s why I put Dr. Yang’s video here first. The second video is Master Tony Ho breaking people with his qin na technique. If you are unfamiliar with Master Ho, his website is Wuji Qigong Taijiquan, and he has a weekly class Sunday mornings in Irvine, California. The third video is Huang Jeng Bin, mentioned elsewhere on this site. Remember to take a look at Part II of the taiji qinna series as well.

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Cheng Man Ching Yang Style Applications (by Huang Jeng Bin)

A brief collection of applications from the Cheng Man Ching 37 posture Yang style form. These videos are teacher Huang Jeng Bin who teaches in Taipei, Taiwan. Check out his website, at Huang Tai Chi.