A Perspective That Empowers Us

Contextualize to see the big picture

Contextualize to see the big picture

We perceive our world through our five senses and behave as if our perception is the ultimate truth. Unfortunately our five senses are limited apparatus to detect reality. Ask different witnesses of what happened to an accident, you will most definitely get different, if not conflicting accounts.  Not only are the five senses very limiting, add to it are the conditioning that shape a belief system which see the world through a ‘rose colored glasses’ that varies considerably from individuals to individuals.

You will always find good in your good friends and find faults in your enemies, regardless of what they do, good or bad.  You will see what you want to see! That can be a good thing provided it empowers you without getting delusional.

It is easy for us to believe what we perceive is real and wedges war against anyone who perceive otherwise. Like a blind man holding on to his own perception of an elephant as a tree trunk to be the truth and wedges a crusade against a different view point of the elephant which can be a wall.  Whilst it’s a good feeling to have people sharing and agreeing to your viewpoint, you will not be able to see the forest for the trees and if you are not mindful it can lock you into your own comfort zone of delusion.  Like an adult elephant tied to the delusional comfort zone of the thin rope conditioned from young, it cannot see beyond its current view of the world and escape until its world is turned upside down.

If you want to know whether you are seeing things as they really are without getting stuck into a perspective, try seeing things from another person’s viewpoint, especially when it’s different from yours, instead of fighting against it. Each viewpoint, like the blind man describing an elephant, is correct from the individual’s perspective. It is not necessary to agree but it is important to know why without aggravation. Rejection without understanding is ignorance; informed acceptance without necessarily agreeing is wisdom. It is the latter that help us see the truth!

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