Developing Fa Jin (Fajing or Fa Chin) - Part One

I know there is a lot of interest out there on the tai chi fajin training and developing fa jin (also seen spelled as fa chin or fajing [which is wrong... keep reading]). What exactly is a fajin? Simply, “fa jin” means to issue force/ power. Many confuse this concept with what a “fa jing,” an incorrect translation, would mean, which is a transfer or release of “jing.”  As many practitioners of Chinese arts are aware, “jing” means literally our ‘essence’ or ‘life-force.’ It seems that because of this common mis-translation, many have imagined the fajin to be some mystical issuance of intangible energy. This is far from the case!

In actuality, a fajin is just a very well co-ordinated release of good old fashioned Newtonian power. Granted, the way a taiji player uses the body to issue this force may make it seem mystical or mysterious when you watch, it is in fact a simple technique that any one can learn. We will continue to explore this topic in a series of posts.

First of all, here are some videos from Jesse Tsao (of, seen elsewhere on the Taijiquan & Neigong Blog). Mr. Tsao’s explanations are concise, and a good way to begin understanding fajin energy. We will continue to post on the topic.

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