Vicious circle within the Learning Cycle

Truth be told that you become what you train for. If you want to be a pilot, go to a pilot school that teaches you how to fly a plane with lots of hands on experience in flying real planes. Don’t go to a school that only have a simulator but no real plane to fly. If self defense is the goal, then make sure your training involves some realistic self defense situation with lots of sparring and testing. If push hand is the goal, then lots of body sensitivity and power work with non-compliant partners. If health is the goal, make sure the training really gives you health not just fitness.

Learning Cycle

Learning Cycle – Erroneous Zone of Training

There are four stages of learning. First stage is unconscious incompetence where no learning is possible when you don’t even know what you don’t know. Second, …

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Perspective That Empowers Us

Contextualize to see the big picture

Contextualize to see the big picture

We perceive our world through our five senses and behave as if our perception is the ultimate truth. Unfortunately our five senses are limited apparatus to detect reality. Ask different witnesses of what happened to an accident, you will most definitely get different, if not conflicting accounts. Not only are the five senses very limiting, add to it are the conditioning that shape a belief system which see the world through a ‘rose colored glasses’ that varies considerably from individuals to individuals.

You will always find good in your good friends and find faults in your enemies, regardless of what they do, good or bad. You will see what you want to see! That can be a good thing provided it empowers you without getting delusional.

It is easy for us to believe …

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To Hop or Not to Hop, That's the question!

Whether to Hop merrily to the forbidden kingdom where some claim to be the land of ‘magical’ power and non-compliant detractors will be hopped to oblivion…Or Not to Hop and stay within the physical boundaries that seem grounded on combat reality…

It’s the most controversial topic in Taiji FB forums today with two opposing views constantly at each others’ throats where dummy spits become the norm from unpleasant and heated personal exchanges!

On one corner, we have the Hop proponents who believe the hop is a real life application which can be used for combat. They insist that it’s the pinnacle skill level to attain in internal martial arts and accuse detractors or ‘haters’ for criticising what they don’t understand; ‘ignorance’ is the common derogation.

On the other corner, we have the Hop critics that demand evident-based application to confirm combat efficacy. Since to date, there is no credible evidence to prove the combat efficacy …

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