My name is Marshall (find me on Facebook) and I’m a taijiquan enthusiast. I currently reside in Cincinnati, OH.

I’ve mostly studied Cheng Man Ching style taijiquan, as well as a bit of Wu style. I also enjoy investing significant time & energy into visiting and experiencing the teachings of other martial artists near and far. I’ve had the good fortune of training with some very excellent practitioners & teachers … and I enthusiastically share what I’ve learned & play with others.

If you live in (or are visiting) the Southern Ohio / Northern Kentucky / Indiana “Tri-State” area, feel free to get in touch for some friendly push hands, grappling, sparring, or open taijiquan practice.

Also, check out some of my other online taiji resources:

The Cincinnati Martial Arts Practice Group
The Cincinnati Tai Chi & QiGong Meetup
The Taiji Neigong Youtube Channel
The Los Angeles Martial Arts Meetup
The Santa Monica Tai Chi Push Hands Meetup

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