Vicious circle within the Learning Cycle

Truth be told that you become what you train for. If you want to be a pilot, go to a pilot school that teaches you how to fly a plane with lots of hands on experience in flying real planes. Don’t go to a school that only have a simulator but no real plane to fly. If self defense is the goal, then make sure your training involves some realistic self defense situation with lots of sparring and testing. If push hand is the goal, then lots of body sensitivity and power work with non-compliant partners. If health is the goal, make sure the training really gives you health not just fitness.

Learning Cycle

Learning Cycle – Erroneous Zone of Training

There are four stages of learning. First stage is unconscious incompetence where no learning is possible when you don’t even know what you don’t know. Second, …

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Compliance vs. Aliveness in Tai Chi & Martial Arts

I recently got in a discussion with someone who had a strong emotional reaction related to considering degrees of “compliance” in a martial arts video.

Compliance, and its opposing concept of Aliveness are two critical factors in any martial art training. Indeed, both are required to earn progress when it comes to preparedness for real self defense and fighting. To understand each, obviously a good start is to define them.

[Compliance] vs Aliveness in Martial ArtsCompliance vs [Aliveness] in Martial Arts

Compliance in Martial Arts Training.

Compliance’s dictionary definition has to do with “complying” or doing “what you have been asked or ordered to do.”[1] In other words, someone in a state of compliance will …

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Arguments Against Reality: Tai Chi Stereotypes

If you’ve spent much time in the internal martial arts world (or the Chinese martial arts world, or the “Traditional” martial arts world in general)… you might have noticed that many people refuse to relax their grip on heated – and ultimately fruitless – arguments against reality.

Arguments Against Reality: Tai Chi StereotypesArguments Against Reality: Tai Chi Stereotypes

People want things to be a certain way, even when they’re not.

People want to be more powerful, more adept, more skillful, and more privy to secret knowledge than everyone else. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you have it.

Just because you believe you’re a badass fighter, doesn’t mean you are.

There is no invincible style. Nobody wins them all.

The …

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